Wash Factory - Monthly Wash Club

  • Express Monthly Wash Club Plan

    Price: $13.99 per month

    Express Wash Plan

    For the quick wash experience. No frills, just a simple clean vehicle. Get the Wash Factory clean for only $13.99 per month, cancel anytime.

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  • Deluxe Monthly Wash Club Plan

    Price: $21.99 per month


    Deluxe Wash Plan

    For those who are looking for a great clean with a hand-dried finish. Yet don’t need all the extras of the more advanced options. Signup today, cancel anytime.

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  • Super Monthly Wash Club Plan

    Price: $31.99 per month


    Super Wash Plan

    For those that want just that little bit of TLC. Choose the options for when you need them, all under one roof. Sign up today for the Super Wash Club, cancel anytime.

Full Service Monthly Car Wash Club Deal | Wash Package
  • Ultimate Monthly Wash Club Plan

    Price: $41.99 per month


    Ultimate Wash Plan

    The best Wash Factory has to offer. All our services in one great package. Signup today and get your vehicle the clean it deserves, cancel anytime.

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What is the Monthly Wash Club?

Our Monthly Car Wash Club is a membership service that pays for itself in just over 2 washes per month! It gives members the opportunity to wash their car or truck once daily for an entire month! An incredible value and a great way to protect your investment in your vehicle.

How often may I wash my vehicle in a month?

You can wash your vehicle once every day that our facilities are open.

How much does it cost to join?

Please click the Wash Plan tab for pricing.

Are there long term contracts when I join?

Absolutely not! You can cancel any time. There are no long-term contracts or cancellation fees.

Does the Monthly Wash Club charge my credit or debit card on a monthly basis?

Yes. Your credit card will be billed monthly on the anniversary of your membership to ensure there is no lapse of service.

Do each of the vehicles I own need its own membership?

Yes. Each vehicle enrolled in our Monthly car wash club receives a unique bar code.

What if I sell my car?

If you would like to transfer your Monthly Car Wash Club plan to another vehicle please click on the tab Car Change Request Form. Fill out a form and a Customer Service Representative will contact you within 48hrs to confirm your request.

How do I cancel my Monthly Wash Club Membership?

Click on the “Cancellation Request Form” tab shown above, fill out the form and submit. A Wash Factory Customer Service Representative will contact you within 1 business day to confirm your cancellation request.

  • The Monthly Wash Club Plan is a no contract program.

  • Wash Factory will charge to the authorized guest's credit card account at time of purchase each month at a recurring rate until it is cancelled online or place of purchase.

  • There are no statements issued to the customer when the Wash Factory payment bills each month.

  • Wash Factory reserves the right to cancel the at any time for any reason.

  • Wash Factory reserves the right to cancel a guests Monthly Wash Club Plan membership if the monthly charge is declined by the card processing system.

  • Unauthorized use or tampering with RFID sticker will result in account termination.

  • The corresponding Monthly Wash Club Plan sticker must be installed on the driver's side windshield at the time of purchase by Wash Factory authorized personnel.

  • Monthly rates may be increased, with notice posted at the place of purchase at least 30 days in advance.

  • Any Monthly Wash Club Plan payments shall be payable and are non-refundable regardless of use.

  • If email address is provided upon signup, an email receipt is sent to the customer when the Wash Factory payment is processed each month.

  • Cancellations must allow up to 7 business days to complete

If you would like to transfer your Monthly Wash Club plan to another vehicle, please fill out the form below and a Customer Service Representative will contanct you within 48hrs to confirm your request.

To cancel please fill out the form below.